v. & n.
1 a tr. bring down (one's foot) heavily on the ground etc. b tr. crush, flatten, or bring into a specified state in this way (stamped down the earth round the plant). c intr. bring down one's foot heavily; walk with heavy steps.
2 tr. a impress (a pattern, mark, etc.) on metal, paper, butter, etc., with a die or similar instrument of metal, wood, rubber, etc. b impress (a surface) with a pattern etc. in this way.
3 tr. affix a postage or other stamp to (an envelope or document).
4 tr. assign a specific character to; characterize; mark out (stamps the story an invention).
5 tr. crush or pulverize (ore etc.).
1 an instrument for stamping a pattern or mark.
2 a a mark or pattern made by this. b the impression of an official mark required to be made for revenue purposes on deeds, bills of exchange, etc., as evidence of payment of tax.
3 a small adhesive piece of paper indicating that a price, fee, or tax has been paid, esp. a postage stamp.
4 a mark impressed on or label etc. affixed to a commodity as evidence of quality etc.
5 a a heavy downward blow with the foot. b the sound of this.
6 a a characteristic mark or impress (bears the stamp of genius). b character, kind (avoid people of that stamp).
7 the block that crushes ore in a stamp-mill.
Phrases and idioms:
Stamp Act an act concerned with stamp-duty, esp. that imposing the duty on the American colonies in 1765 and repealed in 1766. stamp-collecting the collecting of postage stamps as objects of interest or value. stamp-collector a person engaged in stamp-collecting. stamp-duty a duty imposed on certain kinds of legal document. stamp-hinge see HINGE. stamping-ground a favourite haunt or place of action. stamp-machine a coin-operated machine for selling postage stamps. stamp-mill a mill for crushing ore etc. stamp-office an office for the issue of government stamps and the receipt of stamp-duty etc. stamp on
1 impress (an idea etc.) on (the memory etc.).
2 suppress.
stamp out
1 produce by cutting out with a die etc.
2 put an end to, crush, destroy.
1 paper with the government revenue stamp.
2 the gummed marginal paper of a sheet of postage stamps.
stamper n.
Etymology: prob. f. OE stampian (v.) (unrecorded) f. Gmc: infl. by OF estamper (v.) and F estampe (n.) also f. Gmc

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